About Us

Who are we?

We’re three Canadian ladies who honestly feel nothing but joy when we reminisce about our childhoods. We can spend a ridiculous sad entirely-appropriate amount of time remembering tiny details in TV shows, or comparing notes on our early crushes, or telling each other that we actually looked fabulous in our Throwback Thursday pictures featuring spiral perms, Northern Reflections sweatshirts, and tapered-leg jeans.

Nicole MacPherson – Nicole grew up in Calgary before it was a bustling multicultural metropolis, when it was still considered to be Cowtown in the Wild West. She went through a bottle of Salon Selectives every two weeks in 1987, and wore her acid wash jeans with pride – until a friend told her acid wash jeans were “over”, circa 1988. Her elementary school was “open concept”; she was in junior high before she realized that most classrooms have doors. She has seen every episode of Seinfeld ever made, her favourite TV shows when she was a child were Lorne Greene’s New Wilderness and The Muppet Show, and because she finds it terrifying, has never seen E.T. the whole way through. You can find her on Twitter at @nicoleboyhouse

Allison McCaskill – Allison grew up in an extremely small northern town outside of Sudbury, where astronauts were reportedly sent to train for moon landings (that may be apocryphal – it’s a throwback blog, not a science blog). She claims that memories of her childhood have been supplanted by plots of books – her father says that’s because plots of books were her childhood – but there was also room in there for an intense crush on Michael Landon and an enduring bitterness whenever she was forced to practice the piano instead of watching Charlie’s Angels. Her first computer game was played on a Texas Instruments computer and usually ended in dying from infected chigger bites. You can find her on Twitter at @bitterindigo

Hannah Munday – Hannah grew up in very rural Nova Scotia during the 1980s. She remembers the first movie she ever saw in the theatre (Annie); the first time she saw an escalator (1988); and the moment when she realized Cotton Ginny & Au Coton were not actually the height of fashion (when grunge hit). She still watches kids’ television for fun but feels strongly that nothing and no one will ever be as perfect as Mr. Dressup. You can find her on Twitter at @hpstrawberries



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