wanna go to the prom with me?

Last week Nicole wrote about graduation outfits, and how far they have come since we were still fresh-faced young ladies with our shoes dyed to match our dresses. It’s true – styles have changed dramatically, but that’s to be expected with the passage of time. What I find fascinating / horrifying about today’s prom is – brace yourselves, kids – the “promposal”.

When I went to my first high school prom, I was in grade 11 and dating a guy in grade 12. “Want to go to prom?” he asked, and I said yes because TRU LUV, ya’ll. He didn’t buy me flowers, and instead of going to the promised after-party with another couple we ended up driving out to the middle of nowhere and engaging in some heavy groping.

My own actual prom, I directed my poor hapless (different, younger) boyfriend around, directing him like I am Cersei Lannister and he was one of those little wooden figures on a flat world map of Westeros. His mother, an oddly old-fashioned person who never got to go to her prom, was fully on board and so we had a dinner at Bridgewater’s only fancy restaurant with a group of friends and a corsage with ribbons that matched my dress.

What I never had was the fraught, sweaty, anxious “will you go to the prom with me?” moment that Hollywood taught me to expect. I don’t know anyone who did. People either were already in a relationship and went with their significant other, or they went alone, or they didn’t go.

One thing that did happen at my high school prom was “the big entrance”. Most people drove up in their parents’ cars, or got dropped off, or whatever… but some folks went all out. There was a couple on the flatbed behind the shiny cab of a long-haul truck. Several couples came in flashy vintage cars driven by dads or uncles. I don’t remember any limos but I know they were a thing in Halifax around that time.

You made a big splash on the arrival, because that’s where the most people could see you.

So imagine my surprise when I started seeing creative, splashy, over-the-top “will you go to the prom with me” pictures going viral on social media. Go type “best promposals” into Google and sit back, amazed at what these kids came up with. It’s actually really sweet. Here, in no particular order, are some of my favourite promposals:


This one made me teary-eyed. Bless you, boys. You’re good people.


No one – NO ONE – in my high school was this smooth.




Even smoother. I WOULD MARRY THIS ONE.

People shake their heads and deride the current generation, but seriously? They have STYLE.



3 thoughts on “wanna go to the prom with me?

  1. The concept of proposals: hilarious and awful.
    Seeing it pulled off smoothly:
    Deeply impressive.

    And if the concept wasn’t so awful, we wouldn’t be so impressed by seeing it pulled off.


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