Roll With It

I love fashion, but I am not – as evidenced by my feelings on army boots and rompers – entirely convinced about fashion repeats. Embrace the fashion repeats! my friend Jen said to me, but sometimes, I just can’t.

However, this week something happened that made me change my mind, just slightly, about something that I had been holding firm: jean rolling. My friend Ashley, who is my fashionista colleague over at YMC and who is the most stylish person I know, said that rolling jeans is what’s done these days. Rolling jeans is cool. EVERYBODY is rolling their jeans. I was swayed by her persuasive arguments regarding rolling skinny jeans and wearing ankle boots, since I have been unsatisfied with how my own jeans look with my new (non-army) ankle boots.

Honestly, the pressure reminded me a little bit of Billy Madison.



If we substitute “rolling jeans” for “peeing in your pants,” then I am that little old lady.

Embrace the fashion repeats, Nicole. Embrace it.

Does anyone else struggle with this? I’m certainly not ready to start wearing housedresses and lisle stockings, or – less dramatically – start shopping at Tan Jay, but as I get older I feel it is harder and harder to reconcile my inner youthfulness with my outer appearance. It’s really hard to strike that balance between “hip and stylish” and “GRANDMA, NO.”

I suppose I find some fashion repeats so hard to embrace because I didn’t really like the way I looked back when I first embraced the style. I rolled up my jeans along with everyone, but that was less because I thought it looked good than I lacked the confidence to be different. There is a photo of me, on the first day of school in 1988, in which I am wearing a black t-shirt emblazoned with the word BENETTON in bright colours, tucked into my high-waist acid-wash jeans that are tightly rolled up above the ankle, and white Keds. I also have insanely teased spiral permed hair and Sally Jesse Raphael glasses to complete the look. Back then, when I saw the picture, I didn’t think Damn girl, you look GOOD, I thought I looked awful. I still do.

After the rolling fad was over, the pinning fad began. No one rolled their jeans anymore. That was as passé as acid wash. No, instead we would buy jeans several sizes too large, cut the hems off and fray them, and then fold the calves and frayed bottoms tightly and SAFETY PIN THEM TOGETHER. In other words, the girls in my grade nine class were wearing jeans that were gigantically baggy around the butt and thighs and skin tight around the calves and ankles. Do I need to point out this was a very unflattering look? Unflattering or not, we did it, because that’s what EVERYBODY who was ANYBODY was doing.

Of course I peed my pants, EVERYONE my age pees their pants, it’s the coolest!

But as I said, I’ve been a bit unhappy about how my skinny jeans look with my new ankle boots. I should have just listened to Hannah and Allison and bought the army boots. Too late now, so I thought I’d try Ashley’s rolling trick. After all, it’s different now. I’m not wearing men’s jeans two sizes too big for me, I’m wearing flattering jeans that I chose for myself without any peer pressure or frenemies telling me what to do. I’m not tightly folding my jeans and rolling them up, I’m just tweaking them a little. And I have to say – this is a trend that I am going to embrace. It’s cute. It’s comfortable. It’s not a velour track suit with floral embroidery from the Sears catalogue NOR a faux leather onesie from Forever 21.


If shoulder pads come back in style, though, I’m out.


3 thoughts on “Roll With It

  1. Being short and on the plump side, I have rolled every pair of jeans I’ve ever owned. I don’t think of it as a fashion statement but as a necessity unless I want to be tripping over my pants all day.


  2. I snort-laughed at this, you’re so funny on ALL THE BLOGS EVER. I remember the pinning thing, but we never rolled our jeans – and I only pinned mine because they never felt like they looked right otherwise. I think the clothes they sold us were just effin’ weird back then. It’s easier to find a pair of jeans that fit flatteringly now, and I only roll them if they’re too long and I’m too lazy to cut them off and hem them, by which I mean ask my mom to cut them off and hem them. Yours look super cute thought. Although I still think you would have rocked the army boots.


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