I Was All out of Love, Got Lost in Love, Then Made Love out of Nothing at All

Bluesfest Ottawa 2015 just wound up on Sunday night. This was the first time I took Eve and we had a great time seeing Marianas Trench, Iggy Azalea and Hedley, all of whom are not necessarily bands I would have chosen to see alone but put on really great shows. Then on Saturday night, my friend Nat and I put on our parachute pants and penny loafers, tied our hair into side ponytails and went to see Air Supply. I had originally told Eve she could come if she wanted to, but after the third time she said “What’s that band you want to see? Air Shaft?”, I disinvited her.

I loved Air Supply. I listened to them on repeat. I once played a song on the piano that made my teacher sigh ecstatically and say that the student had surpassed the teacher, and I couldn’t stop giggling because the song was Making Love out of Nothing At All (it has a killer piano accompaniment!) I remember getting really mad at my friend Dionne because she kept singing All Out of Love goofily with a fake speech impediment and it seemed disrespectful to mock the tortured solemnity of the piece.

Of course, it was a little different listening to the show as a forty-five-year-old wife and mother. The crowd was surprisingly mixed in age – Russell Hitchcock looked over us and said bemusedly “some of you were probably conceived to our music.” They played all the songs I knew and a couple I hadn’t even realized were theirs. They embraced the cheese in a marvelous fashion, and although they were gray-haired and looked a little silly flashing the rock finger sign/ hand horns thing, their pipes were solid and they were very sweet and gracious.

Now, with the full admission that examining any kind of sappy love song lyrics closely is an indefensible action, I will do just that, because their songs have been running on a permanent loop in my head for four days and some of them keep making me giggle:

All Out of Love

I’m lying alone/ With my head on the phone/ Thinking of you till it hurts” – Well that’s your first problem. Who lies with their head on the phone? Try a pillow or a bar – you’ll still be miserable but you won’t have indentations on your face.

Every Woman in the World

I’m living a lifetime in every minute/ that we’re together” – And that’s…. a good thing?

Two Less Lonely People in the World

Two less lonely people in the world/ And it’s gonna be fine/ Out of all the people in the world/ I just can’t believe you’re mine” – aw, so sweet

In my life where everything was wrong/ Something finally went right” – Everything? Everything was wrong? That’s an exaggeration, surely? Wait, you have a job, right? You’re not, like, sleeping in your car or something? Because I’m lonely, not desperate.

Here I Am (Just When I Thought I Was Over You)

On my Own/ I’ve tried to make the best of it alone/ I’ve done everything I can to ease the pain” – Everything? Have you tried Pilates? Advil? Unless you’re out there trying to score some Oxy, don’t tell me you’ve done everything.

Lost in Love

So lift your eyes if you feel you can/ And reach for the stars and I’ll show you a plan/ Cause I’ve figured it out, all I needed was someone to show me” – Okay, cool, so… wait, you’re going to show me the plan that you needed someone to show you? So who showed you? I figured I was the one who showed you, but that doesn’t make any sense because you’re showing it to me. So who’s this mysterious third-party beeyotch with the PLAN, huh?

What the hell, how can you argue with eight top ten hits and millions of lovestruck fans? It was the eighties, and as long as you repeated the word ‘love’ a lot and had a catchy hook, you were golden. Plus, the concert was at the suitably old-people time of seven o’clock, so we swayed and sang, grabbed some Thai, caught some Simple Plan over on the other stage and were still home by ten.





4 thoughts on “I Was All out of Love, Got Lost in Love, Then Made Love out of Nothing at All

  1. I love Air Supply! We used to have their “best of” on cassette tape around here – I should track it down on CD. Totally awesome lyric breakdown – SNORT.


  2. BWAH HA HA HA HA HA!!! This, my friend, is bloody brilliant. I love it.

    I feel like this whole blog could be just your observations on 80s song lyrics and it would be consistently high-quality chuckles.

    “Air Shaft”. ppppfffttt. Eve! I EXPECTED MORE FROM YOU.


  3. I agree, more 80s song lyrics observations!

    I love Air Supply. When I was working in India we found a “best of” cassette and played it until it broke. I remember giving it to a poor cab driver and four of us singing Here I Am on the top of our lungs with the windows down. We were quite a show. 🙂


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